409 South Main

Entrance: You will enter the venue on the side facing Huling.

Parking: There will be complimentary valet parking provided at the corner of Huling and South Main.

History: Built in 1912, it originally housed the White Wilson Drew Company, wholesale grocers and distributors of Puck Brand Goods.
In the 1930s, Lucky Heart Cosmetics, one of the first companies to cater to the African-American–women market, moved into the building. Described as a “mini-Avon,” Lucky Heart once employed more than 12,000 sales representatives around the country.
As the railroad system dwindled in the 1950s, the South Main district became abandoned and littered with boarded-up buildings. But thanks to area artists and others who kick-started a South Main resurgence by seeking out a new vibe, the area began thriving once again. Now, restaurants, boutique shops, artists’ spaces and galleries, museums and festivals grace its streets.
Alethea and Ruth